Project Description

ST80TF/ST100TF Tracked Feeder Stackers

McCloskey International’s heavy duty high capacity feeder stackers, the ST80TF and the  ST100TF, are designed to deliver enhanced handling and stockpiling of a wide range of materials across industries including aggregates, composting, landscaping and mining.

A tracked feeder stacker is an excellent alternative when a traditional direct load stacker may not be the right match for the material, and offers an economical yet highly productive option to the larger TF80.

With its large capacity hopper (5.75 cu.m. or 7.5 cu. yd.) with adjustable height, and high stockpile capacities, the ST80TF and ST100TF ensure optimized production and efficiency on the job. The design reflects feedback from customers in a cross-section of applications and industries, and McCloskey International’s commitment to deliver the best products based on that input.

Tracked and wheeled feeders are available with a number of options to meet each customer’s unique material requirements.

ST80TF Specification

  • Engine – 100Hp (75kW)
  • Production – 800 TPH (725 MTPH)
  • Stockpile Height – 31′ 1″ (9.47m)
  • Stockpile Capacity – 1,556 cu. yds. (2,035 cu.m.)
  • Conveyor Length – 24.38m (80′) drum center
  • Belt – 36″ x 80′ (900mm x 24.38m)

ST100TF Specification

  • Engine – 100Hp (75kW)
  • Production – 800 TPH (725 MTPH)
  • Stockpile Height – 41′ 10″ (12.77m)
  • Stockpile Capacity – 4927 cu. yds. (3,
  • Conveyor Length – 30.48m (100′) drum center
  • Belt – 36″ x 100′ (900mm x 30.48m)