Project Description

ST80T-LA Radial & ST100T-LA Radial

McCloskey has taken the next big step in its industry leading designs by adding the groundbreaking new Track and Radial Stackers to its line-up. There is finally a stacker that can utilize the benefits of onsite track mobility with the high stockpiling capacity of a radial conveyor! Thanks to the new Patent Pending lift Axle option, the conveyor switches from track mode to radial in seconds.

Designed for use in any terrain, the stacker is easily transported site to site without the need to remove the radial wheels. Built-in levelling indicators will allow operators to position the stacker regardless of the ground level, with independent hydraulic pressure control to stabilize once in place.

The McCloskey design allows for the wheels to be fully folded for transport, delivering true portability for operators moving site to site.

The ST80T & ST100T Radial brings the best mobility, portability and production to sites around the world.

The McCloskey All-Terrain Stackers feature:

  • FAST TRACK SWITCHING – Hydraulic raise/lower arm allows switch from track to radial mode in seconds
  • ON THE LEVEL – Level gauge allows operation on uneven ground
  • GREATER STABILITY – Patented counterweight design delivers enhanced stability and safety in operation
  • MORE TRACTION – Tires have aggressive-tread patterns for better traction in rough terrain
  • READY TO ROLL – Unique design allows for the wheels to be folded for transport, delivering true portability for operators moving site to site.


  • Radio remote track control options
  • Hydraulic top fold
  • Heavy duty belt as standard
  • Optional dual power
  • Full safety guarding for pinch points
  • Optional hopper extensions and wing plates

ST80T-LA Radial Specification

  • Engine – 49 Hp (36.5kW)
  • Belt Length – 80′ (24.38m)
  • Belt Width – 36″ (900mm)
  • Stockpile Height – 31′ – 1″ (9470mm)
  • Stockpile Capacity – 2035 yds³ (1556m³)
  • Production – 500-800 TPH

ST100T-LA Radial Specification

  • Engine – 74 Hp (55 kW)
  • Belt Length – 100′ (30.48 m)
  • Belt Width – 36″ (900mm)
  • Stockpile Height – 41′ – 3″ (12500mm)
  • Stockpile Capacity – 5030 yds³ (3850m³)
  • Production – 500-800 TPH